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Mexico, Rich Port, Perhaps Or Paris Ooo

Laura Port

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I store the thought.
What to earn of anniversary,
because not a TRIP,
Mexico, rich port, perhaps or Paris oOo
I have that to decide well Wwwell wwwell well hãham
befoooore somebody thinking orro orro
: it finds the maximum o-o-o- o-o-o but she is of there and not of here
I am simple
I am not chic nor rich
and I do not have the priori tyyyyy hahã
but it is as soon as the life is hahãm hahãm

and I can of that you, that you that you
are prettier,
smart and gracioUuuuus,
I am not disagreeable hãhã hãhã
and nor idiotic
and nor have everything 3X
this but
I do not bind I do not bind, I- do- not- biiiiiiiiindd , (houeé wohoo)hãhã
I can accurately much more… without priority, 3 x
moooooooremore hahãm hahãmantigo
I am not more not more not more
I and I go to understand 3XI-GO-TO-UNDERSTAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaND há
I am here and now this place is equally 4x
mine being the symbol of Hollywood 3x
or the flag of Eenglandwohoo yé
I am there and I do not go to leeeave, you I go to have that me to take off and I want to see
I eat my expensive foot
Now foot for top and the left hand also

You go to have that to take off me of there, but she goes to be difficult therefore already I put my foot here and I do not go to take off so easy
Mexico, rich port, perhaps Paris I am here and you to vaiter that to take off me my beloved… without priority 2x
(houey) ha hahãm ouyé but, I not bing,ooo, i not bing, haha not bing.ha ha,ha ha
he goes to have to take off that me of here 3x
OR that you have to take the Eiffel Tower the place to get me out down the statue of liberty or bury the big bang but I'm still here yes hahaha

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