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I Was Lost In Your Eyes

Laura Port

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I was lost and I thought of nothing looked into his eyes and lost myself again lost myself
Completely in your eyes looked into his eyes and saw, I saw that you feel what I feel I look at my eyes and see, see if you've the same in my eyes have not forgotten you, I know I have chances
But it is worth risking that you do everything
Come back and see me please is all I ask now get lost in your eyes and I noticed you stopped, looked at me and went towards me e. .. I woke up it was all a dream, but someone was banging, on the window and it was you and said he was lost at first did not understand but then you
Looked deep into my eyes and realized that you said, I'm lost in your eyes ....... ..... I realized
That this phrase has changed my life! thank you, thank you really yé

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