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Kazuyuki Matsumoto

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Can you see the fields of flowers withering?
And smell the powder of the guns?
And feel the rage and anger evolve into a storm

Tell me can you hear the song of death and pain?
You touch the wounds beneath the skin
And shed a tear for the ones who have lost the ones they love

I want everybody to smile
I want everybody to laugh and keep the hope
That seems to be so impossible

Can you see the foolish power games they play?
And pay for what they have destroyed
And watch the people dying without a name in vain?

Tell me can you see the meaning of your life?
And see the meaning of my life
We need to change the world
Doesn't matter what it takes

I want everybody to dance
I want everybody to sing along with me
It seems so hard but I won't give up

Wherever we may go at the end
We won't be crying, no we won't
Believe in me, I know it's true
And I know you know it too

Whatever we may see at the end
We won't be hiding, no we won't
We are all the same
We are not alone

I'm not alone, 'cause I have you
I'm not alone, 'cause I have you
Wherever you may go, I'll be with you

I want everybody to rise
I want everybody to fight for what they love
We are all the same
We are not alone

I want everybody to dream
I want everybody to share the joy of life
So take my hand, let's walk

I want everybody to know
I want everybody to look at what we have
It's beautiful and frail

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