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Kazuyuki Matsumoto

Now or Never

Kazuyuki Matsumoto

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You lose control again
And I'm kneeling down to save your day
Your ego used to hurt
Now I know the way to dodge myself

My mind is far away
Beyond this choking wall
Maybe I'm not the man that I used to be

I had enough my friend
I'm on my way to freedom
Maybe I'm not the man that you used to see

Now or never
Time to turn back, woo woo

Now or never
This endeavor
Time to turn over, woo woo

I'll be the one to fly
And you'll be the one to crawl

You say I'm too naive
The wind outside is cruel and cold
You say I will regret
If I will ever close this door

I know I've got to pay
Again I have my reasons
Maybe I'm strong enough now to face my fate

I'm standing on my feet
It is a kind of treason
Maybe I'm fool enough now to break the rules

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