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Kazuyuki Matsumoto

Out of my Control

Kazuyuki Matsumoto

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One day so sweet one day like ice
They want the danger in my eyes
I tell a lie or two
And they melt away

I never love I never care
That's how I lived until today
You walked into my room
I can't change my way

If you were a girl just
Like the other ones
I would tell you
I would show you
Who I am

Stay out of here
It's not your sphere
You can't return if
You don't go now
I'll tell you one more time,
Get out of my control

I like to hurt I like the dirt
It's my disease, I don't deny
I spend a night or two
And I will be gone

I say hello I say goodbye
And there is nothing in between
So don't believe in me
I don't wanna hurt you

Stay out of here
It's not your sphere
You won't regret it
Keep on running
Before I start the game of evil

If I were a man just
Like the other ones
Would you take me
Would you love me
Like you do?

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