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Kazuyuki Matsumoto

Break Out

Kazuyuki Matsumoto

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Once I was a kid
I knew there's something vicious in the air
Too many malicious eyes
All dangerously watching others
Look down to the street and you see hopeless faces
Too poor to escape the mud
Too hungry to rise up for bread

I dream about the heaven
To keep my mind alive
One day I'll be there

Faster than the speed of light
I am heading to my peace
And I'm going through the desert
There's no time to rest or breathe

No more darkness
No more pain
I am breaking out of hell
Just until I know where I belong

I said to my friends that I was going to evade the law
They said it's a risky game
I'm better off to believe and pray

There's nothing to save my soul
I'm leaving now, farewell my home
It's time to accelerate
I want my luck to decide my fate

I thought about the heaven
And I won't wait for more
I am going there

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