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Find Him and Kill Him

The Worst Shit I Ever Heard

Find Him and Kill Him

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i hate this shit its got no soul
sincere as cardboard and almost as exciting
boring bpointless oulless
its not what i thought punk as for
i hate this shit
i dont give a fuck about relationships
i dont give a fuck
i dont give a fuck who broke your heart
i just want to fuck shit up
look out world, white boy rage now has a mosh part
taking slick looking phtos of a skinny little model and the cband covered in blood hardly equates to anything punk.
it amounts to an acceptance of andglorification of violence against women. whatever happend to the spirit of punk where we wanted the world and we wouldn't take no for an answer? instead we get sterile soulless watered down stalker-core. one question - what teh fuck?

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