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Find Him and Kill Him

Thank You American Express

Find Him and Kill Him

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working for money that i've already spent
no fucking hope of getting out of this
a fucking paycheck doesn't pay for lost time
this fucking shit isn't a piece of mind
what the fuck am i doing?
what the fuck am i doing?
is this what we call living?
barely surviving!!
i can't call this living
this isn't living!
this is how we're dying
broke. alone.
this is how we die
buy now, pay later. its the american way of life
it seems that no matter how much we work, we can't seem to get out of this debt.
and inadvertently, we pay for something two or three times over. work becomes life. we can't do what we love anymore because we have to pay for our little plastic cards.
work doesn't make up for time lost with family or friends.
we just can't get out of this hole we've dug for ourselfs.

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