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Find Him and Kill Him

Lets Put The End In Friend

Find Him and Kill Him

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This is not a fucking family
Just a fucking elitest club
So fuck you!
Built from walls built from tradition
They keep us controlled, keeps us in line
We're not family, we're not even fucking friends
We became what we fucking hate.
Come on!
It's tiem to stand and fucking fight!
Just because we're all hardcore kids,
Doesn't mean that we're eye to ey so!!
Raise your voice, think for yourself,
Live your life, let tradion die
You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a cry
Of brotherhood and family. i can never be a part
Of a family that excludes half its members through archaic sexism and blatant hypoccrisy. if we're all
A family, then it's time to put our money where
Our mouth is. we may listen to the same music but that's where the similarites end. i wont align
Myself with people i find detestable. fuck the
Slogans. this concept of "unity" has come to be synonomous with not rocking the boat.

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