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Find Him and Kill Him

The Born Loser Wins Again

Find Him and Kill Him

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convinced of imminent failure
your life got worse, but your stuff got better
with nothing to show but a loveless marriage
there affairs and a dead end job
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i'll fucking fight
i'll fucking fight for itt!!
your fucking life is your mausoleum
ingrained failure in everything you do
resigned to the miserable fact taht life
would be better without you here
one of the tightest ropes around our necks is the one that says that failure is imment. no matter waht happens, we fail. we let our bosses and our leaders succeed off of our work
when we estart believing that everything we do
is futile, it is. our work buries us. our relationships bury us. our inability to fight the coming onslaught of failure stems from lessons learned all along.

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