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Find Him and Kill Him

Punk Is Forever

Find Him and Kill Him

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what we produce, we buy again at five times the cost
too stupid to know, too stupid to care
it was ours, before it was theirs
take back whats yours
this is ours!!
every couple of years, various sub-genres of punk achieve some modicum of mainstream success. and every couple of years, a seemingly endless parade of soundalikes and fakes comes out of the woodwork to get a piece of the action.
after the dust settles, these vultures leave for a greener pastures and punk becomes something that they can tell their industry friends about or it becomes a sore spot of nostalgia in a story they tell on saturday nights. good riddance. these pieces of shit were never part of anything i was. if its in your heart, it outlasts the fads and trends. if its in your heart, it's forever.

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