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I get up
No i don't know why
I've got something to be
I can't see
I don't care
What you think of me
Because each day it seems
Somebody tells me i'm wrong

But they don't know
Where i've been
Or what i've done

My friend rich
The best heart i know
He always seems like he's
Got things figured out

One day he says to me
"...today i just don't know
Where to go from here and i fear
I won't figure this out."

This world wasn't made for us
The way we are, the way we live
I can't live like this

I don't know what i'm going to find
When i try to look for my life
But it helps to know that i'm not alone
In this world i can't call my own
In my friends hearts
Is the only place i call home

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