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One Point Twenty-one Gigawatts!

Band Of Beards

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I have dreams
like a desert has trees
ten thousand miles, ten thousand nights
it's guaranteed
no matter how far between
you're the only face I see
you're the only reason I can't sleep

your name in lights
breaks through the night
it shakes and rattles announcing
"I'm alive!"
there's no voice, there's only words
there's only words they're hardly yours
I want more

this one way line
it's never mine
I'm on my side, you're on your side
I wait you, you write
no matter how hard I try
your signal comes in bright
my voice is lost into the night

no we don't know just where to go
this map has faded out it's getting old
no sign of life no compass could be right
I'm begging for direction begging for light
for a sign
for a life
beginning or an ending this time

too many years
too many nights
too many miles between
here and happy endings
each step only divides

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