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Want Vs. Need

Band Of Beards

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When we both get what we wanted
You'll take the goods and run
I'll just stand there and I'll look dumb
You know it's always the same thing
We both got what we wanted
You took the goods and ran away
Running off to some northern state
You're always going away

You've got a great reputation
Of breaking things that do not belong to you
Yeah you're making things up as you're going along
And no one is calling you out on it
One of these days somebody's going to find you
One of these days somebody's going to follow

Seventeen days
White knuckling a straight line
Said you were looking for a good time
Just trying to find that script to go with
Your Hollywood ending
Twenty-eight thousand miles
Until you're back in the same place
You said you wanted a new taste
So you traveled the world and came back
But you didn't want that, no

It doesn't take a long time
For the things that you hide to out in the light
For the ghosts you fear most to come out in the night
It gets hard sometimes
So you hide

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