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Swim, Swim, Swim!

Band Of Beards

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Keep it loud
The silence just reminds us
That there's nothing left to say
We talked and laughed remembering
"the way things used to be"
But there's nothing like the feeling
That we lost when we grew old
And tired of each other

So we sing.
Scream it so loud
We can only feel the burning
To keep us from the yearning
For things we couldn't save,
Repeat, reuse, or recreate alone.

With time
Comes a twist on our old memories
They're mine
And they're yours but they are not the same
We sang
Words like "forever" with a sense of hope
But it's gone
And forever means the ending of when...

There was a time
Or there was a place
Or there was name
Or there was a meaning that we all knew
We could hold on to
Call our own but share it like we owned it
Now there's just time
Pushing away
Pulling apart
Taking whats ours
Taking all that we valued
Cheapening the memory
And laughing off our lives

What the hell is happening?
We dove in head first
Holding hands, holding our breath
Don't be the first to let go
Don't be the last to still believe
Learning as we go
And destined to repeat are own mistakes

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