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The Tin Man


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The Tin Man’s sitting in the waiting room
With his brand new plastic heart
He don’t know where to start
Can’t really tell it’s a false alarm
Cuz he can’t feel much of anything
No he’s hollow to the core
And what he pours inside don’t satisfy
Just spills out on the floor

The doc comes in 20 minutes late
And he pours himself a drink
He says, “boy I aint no shrink
But you better watch what it is you think!”
“Cuz that thing that ticks inside of you
has got a mind of its own
it’ll drive you mad for what you never had
make you burn like black coal.”

And he came up strong with too much love
For her cold hands to hold
You better hold him down until the end of the show
And when they danced he broke her back
With the weight of the world
You better hold him down till the end of the show

In the park by the tenement
With his head laid in his hands
The Tin Man has got a plan
He’s met a girl and she makes him sad
But all he knows he knows from films
And he follows the actor’s lead
He’s jammed a rose between his teeth
And scrubbed his armor clean

Now he’s running up and down the avenue
His joints are creaking in the rain
He made a date but she never came
Of course, he has gone insane
And he shouts her name into the night
He startles the passers by
And on the road not far ahead
She hears and she takes a fright

The police report had a note in it
And it made the captain blush
He thought it all was a little much
He didn’t they called that love
It seems the Tin Man screamed some profanities
From the top of a city bus
But when he caught a sight of his girl inside
He slipped and died for all of us

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