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Smokestacks breathe fire on the skyline tonight
And down by the docks I’m standing on the starboard side
Anne, she is crying
Anne, she is right
“You don’t have to run anymore”

Concrete and Squalor, mud and tire tracks
Drunks in the fog tipping empty bottles back
Anne at the bus stop
Anne’s looking for change
Threadbare and cold in the rain

Greyhound you starcrossed diesel limousine
For five quiet nights she turns her child’s eyes on me
Anne you’re a dreamer
But Anne you’ve got to know
Please don’t look back when I go

Did she make love a jailer
Did she lock up the hope inside her chest
Call it a burden she'd bear all alone
And wait for the world to go cold

“Wake up”, she smiles we’re getting near the coast
Anne’s making plans, the future offers so much more
Eyes on the twilight she’ll ask me where I’m bound
For years now I’m on my way home

Highways go tumble to drown in choppy seas
And where I went sailing, Anne could never follow me
Down by the lighthouse it’s shining down her cheeks
Silhouette that sticks in my dreams

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