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October's Road


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The seatbelt sign blinks, the day is stretched out
Somewhere far away all my hope turned to doubt
I sat awake in the piercing sunlight,
With my eyes screaming out for the quiet of night

Got cuts on my fingers, got blood on my hands
And the wounds can’t be stitched closed with fraying loose ends
And the echoes of past love now emptied of form
Get louder and louder as I drift out from shore

How am I gonna show from across this ocean that I can’t let you go
Cuz as the months fall away, aint see nothing gonna change
How am I gonna know if you’re alive and breathing anymore
Cuz all the lines are getting cold and I’ve got to show for…

Oh if you had seen me
Collapse to the floor and known why and what for
You'd finally hear me
Come running with help, wipe the blood from my mouth
Where it spilled
And maybe you'll notice
That fear of your loss has kept closing me off
And at last
I tore myself open
A river poured out after decades of drought
I'm willing and able
My feet or a plane, oh a bus or a train
I can run
If only a moment
To hold your cold hands tell you life aint that bad
Because it aint — life aint that bad.

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