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Elizabeth The Bumblebee


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Elizabeth the bumblebee keeps flying round and stinging me
Left poison in my fingers long ago
And lonesome in the summer night she tried to get me one more time
Left stinger in my body before she died

And every night that buzzing fills my ears till morning light
And how I’ve saved that bitter pain as if it was today

Elizabeth you’re just like me come back to life come set me free
We’ll drink the nectar, spark like fireflies
And teach me every flower known to this foreign land you call your home
I’ll give you shelter if it gets too cold

But oh, I know your paper wings were frozen long ago
And fallen here, my swollen hands and eyes all filled with tears

I had another dream last night, a bumblebee came flying by
Black and yellow shape caught on the breeze
And as I turned expecting you to whisper, “how I looked for you!”
I only saw an ordinary fly

For the world’s gone gray and all that’s left are flies around decay
And all I see:
Are golden fields that’ll never be
And love you spent and lost on me
Your final words still stingin’ me
Wring honey from my heart so bittersweet

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