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Ignorance Through Learning


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Ignorance Through Learning
Scorched earth, the end of the century
War turn, decay of a modern dynasty
Will you be the first to see your life become the past?
Don't look to faith here's the end it's coming fast

Fear of the masses
A war of social classes
What is real?
What you touch or what you feel

You martyr, belief that ends your life
Slaughter, by their hands on the knife
Teach you to fight now only the hate remains
All they want you to see... ignorance through learning

Look inside your mind
You may not like what you find
What is it they want?
What is it they need?
To see you suffer see you bleed

Ravage all that stand in the way
Progress into a pattern of scrutiny
To eliminate all the weak
The price for a perfect society

Come undone at the seams
Chaos from underground
To promote its apostasy
The chance to be reborn

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