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Now is the time
How far have you come
Strangle you with your own words, what's to be undone
You out our souls on production, use us till were through

You can't touch me by my intervention
Bleeding eyes sometimes hide a true intention
A killers hand is so unmanned from natural instinct
Will you be the one to kill the son fro the elite

What we need is a new revolution, to not burn out the past
You can't fucking control me, I'm going to take what's mine
I'll cut my wrists to see you bleed; it's my life on the line
All we need is a signal; your head will be the sign

Lies, you promote your lies
Truth isn't a choice, it's a way of life
Is it to be trusted, better than being a tool

You're going down; I'll take you with me
If I can't win, I'll make sure no one else can
I'll judge my competency by the marks on your neck
If your will is your life source, that's what I'm going to break

I won't be what you want me to
Be I see for myself can't
Allow you to govern my
Life is mine
Now you fall

I see the light it's laid before me; but not for me
Loop deep inside and see the darkest heart of all
Walk with me and you'll
You awoke from a dream and into a nightmare


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