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21st Century Christ


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Take what is god make it a man judge what is to define
Evolve into parasite puritist recall they say is a crime
Killing fields they pile to the sky justice is served it's a lie
Do not ignore must look at this murder fro freedom
Rot away politics expose the face

In the darkness the sea past me minds eye
The future history stood many that fell
From the ashes arose a man
A cure for the world
Twenty-first Century Christ

Your words spill out one more meaningless than the last
I am no ta name I am not a number
Not to live to follow your word
Will not shatter like stained glass window
Never surrender

I am the face of resistance
Of defiance
Your manufactured
Insolence, arrogance, ignorance
To the fact I think for me
Calculated, forumlated
Religion for the black at heart
No longer will you be what you can or cannot see renounce individuality

Legion of faceless a fear the name is less
Is it true only the slaves will survive?
is that what it is to be alive?

You are not what you see
You are what you believe
How things came to be
Free thought isn't heresy
I was born with a choice
To hear my own voice
Calling from within me
To question what's to be
You cannot take my dreams from me
I will fight for my choice to believe in me
Your fake you know it that's why you're moving fast
The walls are coming down fake power never lasts

Automating seasons of life
Cloning into the war
Make it a mold
Make it a man

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