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Cynide Savior


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I'm reborn through the ashes of time
Resolve to give up your life
Conform to lesser insight
A slave... till you realize there's nothing left

You're born to breed
You're nothing but a number
Tattooed unfit by unclear conscience
Defected rejected by unnatural selection
Reborn of rage to elimiate the system
Imprisoned raped by indecision
Detonate the messiah of broken dreams
Abandon your tolerance it's time to rise

Dead inside do you like being hollow
You live to see me die ignoring persistence
Only knowing resistance resistance
Salvation comes with a price

Descend as my own god
Lift me up to tear me down
In this dark empire fortitude is a virtue
Look above to the falling sky
If the sky opens up all rules are abandoned
No today no tomorrow only yesterday remains
A memory of sorrow
And hollow

The end of an hour the drop of a hammer, human self-destruction
I see the trial of man guilty verdict at hand, cut down and reflect
The anti-future plans all become part of the collective, sever the sinners
No individual's only machines the ends justify the means
I want to see, the world start to bleed

Cleansing of the whole race without a soul
Put back the pieces, of this unjust plan
This is the fucking end

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