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Through A Valley Of Night Souls


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In a permanent and perfect rising I can see
I bow down and realize the majesty
So full of light place, where the dark is pure
my servants of sin awaken at night

Lords of obscure, teach me the path to your home
Show me the way through this valley of night souls
The eyes do not guide the wise nor the feeling
I gather you

I know I can't be destroyed, my power's so secure
I know the light's my guide and the dark my coat
Rising from a northern forest you ride me to death
Master of the occult let me grant immortality
let me grant immortality

The rise of the unholy legions now approach the time of strong
demanding force from nature and of places unknown
I have the only way, there's no limits, there's no tie
Trap beyond the valley and meet the mighty lord of night
and meet the mighty lord of night

Rise from your quarters
For many times the force to arise is in the night
The night above all time and above all day

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