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Sanguinary Embryo


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Powerful Angel of light
device of torment and pain
denier of all pleasures
blower of all disgrace

Embryo of mighty brightness
blinder in all your ways
Alastor prince of blazes
Your shine'll be seen someday

You empty all the darkness in your light and shining horror
Thou Lord of all disgraces, knight of hell, I evoke you Sir
Blind my eyes with your shine and flashing greatness
Thou art engendered in non common place but sure to rise

Driver of the lightning, cutter for the obscure
breaker of the silence, Aloud
Quick as a spark, make the beasts fall on their knees
for seeing the so high bright
Your powers so mighty and strong I ask your favor
let me die with the pain in my eyes
There are pains which scar so much more
but allow the weak to continue living this torment

I know you must be rising among us but the moment I really don't know
We'll never recognize nor realize a majestic force
unless it unleashes its capacity
for dominating each creature on this limited world
never spoken, never written you might have the light of my obscurity

Blind your enemies
diffuse everyone of them
let any drop of blood be free from their veins
I open myself
The embryo rises with the blood of demons.

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