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Beyond My Unconscious Deep


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Unholiness, I am the one
A descent into darkness, to gather all wise on me
My presence will poison, I'll be armored with hate inside
No life itself limit, is offered now to me
A. Life Ethereal, a shadow opens inside
A. It's there always. Beyond my unconscious deep

Oh, I feel a darkforce inside my inner self
your teaches are not easy to learn and
I know there's no turning back for becoming the master of the night side
My time has come to raise a fist for hail

I know with this on my own I'll rule this world
Resurrection of my evil side oppresses my chest inside out
I have realized I'm chosen to become powerful servant
Because I feel your seed of hate on me

A. It ist beyond my unconscious deep

Alastor spawned his fury and lowered his lightning fist above
the entire weak humanity. He, who destroyed all their gods
of pale and illness, now becomes the master of all reigns;
lust, pain, fear and fright rule everywhere because his presence
inhabits every part of our hearts, of humanity, every time...

With the power gathered on me, I evoke the Nordic winds
to create the most beautiful gray in the day and most cold in the night.

I sing the ninth chant for thy glory, casting the spell of sickness,
I've gone through my unconscious and I've found your mist,
here inside of me.

I've carried the most glorious and I'm the one gone beyond
the gate you offered for my eternity. All Wizard's Lord.
(Inspired from Dead, Mayhem. RIP)

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