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My Fields Are Unholy


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I have ride, these lands are now mine
Surely won by force
No one dares to enter my dominion
A shield of courses and damnation.

I've granted the ode of fire power
I'm the head of what's evolved in all evil circle
I'm powerful, almighty
I'm lord of the deeps and altitudes.

Even in the light, now I'm invincible
The force of a pagan worshipping
With the rise of my hand in the air
No lord can stand before me.

Even in the dark, I'm light to guide my forces
to destroy all rebellion against my honor
With just a sight of my eternal vision
Any life withers away.

I'm the one giver of all, so on I will take your life.

Now the entire world belongs to me
I've learned the key of omnipotence
The power of a God gathered on a wizard knowledge
I choose the destiny of anything.

I'm the one lightning in the night, the one you must dedicate your life.

My fields are unholy
this way the land must be
Only one way to die
To die for me!!!

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