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In A Moment


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In a Moment
In a moment of absolute defeat, you are the one that keeps me on my feet.
It is your smile and that look in your eyes, that never subsides.
I find strength in your power proof presence.
Always there reassuring like the tides lullaby, at dusk's decadence.
Romancing the stone, cold evidence, so eminent in the cold shoulder you often hold till the dawn.
This negligence, I am so guilty of.
Trying to seal the holes of my past I see you in my future.
But, can you dig deep enough between the sutures?
Bring peace to the surface without bleeding this nervous patient,
Who's patience for the opposite sex has worn very, very, very thin?
The scares are thick my friend, but don't give up because I am trying my hardest to give in.
Nobody will really accept me for the way that I am,
So I meditate like a champion, searching for the paths to rebirth Jaime.
Have the child with grown up again,
Like the lady that would make my lover believe faithfully in God
And repent all of his sin, clear his conscience,
And be man enough to lay down with his one true love,
And have the confidence, that I am that one.

In a moment, of truth or weakness,
I fell into the deepness of your blues.
I now sleep in the peaked booze.
Sudden death unpredictable and not yet able to prevent.
I fool only my self when I try to believe that you care for me like no other.
Smother you with the truth of me, suffocate the innocent pursuit
Be free to be, the apple of your eye, the object of YOUR desire,
The fire that was sparked by a smile and a shot of,
The fire that was sparked by a smile and embarked by a shot of .. . ..
What was it, the bartenders favorite, the name of it, I can not recall,
But the way of it truly is, you made this hard rock fall. . .

Now in this moment, right here, right now,
I can not touch a seed and give it life.
I can not and I will not find God, in a man's eyes.
I feel the slob that wonders entwined paths,
From my mind, to my thighs and my ass
This complicated, dissipated thought process.
Neurotic complex turns psychotic,
While I try my best to find humor in these melodic sonnets.
So now, I'm screwing the driver of a screwdriver .. .fill her up sir!!!
I would like to find happiness or love to find escape while sober.
But, the pain that I feel when I hear your voice between wires and steel,
I have no choice but to hang up and feel the need to run.
Yet you're already so far away, If I ran, I'd probably end up at your place,
Right beneath the sun, where the rainbow cruelly seducts the earth's face.
The sea is at my feet and the same one is at yours,
Yet, we rest our souls on the scrolls of different shores.
Down wind from you, I can smell your hair,
But, calling your name, comes back, only to fall on my own deaf ears.
Steer clear of emotions made in vain!!!!
When the notion is so plain. . .That THIS will never be THAT GREAT ONE!!!
Tell yourself that, so when we break up . ..
Ohhh, I mean drift apart . . ..
The hurt won't seem that bad to the taste buds,
And emotional peace won't seem that far.
Cause now in THIS moment,
I realize, I may have sacrificed my heart
Yet, I still did not catch,
That shooting star!!

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