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In The Wake


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In the wake of these attacks
I am among many who can not grasp
this tragedy
Its only what i see on TV
it is not really a reality
All I know is that now .. as much as I hate television
I feel the need to watch it
Reading between the lines of what they decide to tell us
and slowly begin to realize the hell that is shaping around us. . forming the cage alone we can not break

In these time where simple families
Are now missing stabilizing figures
now family dinners are held in silence
cause the family is not a whole family any more caused by unrelated violence
In these times when children and adults hold hands in misunderstanding
wide eyes and questions mix fear with childhood demands
Why and why not??
The answers they cant find cause we don't have
Adults searching for their own piece of mind before they ease that youngsters
Put the mask over your mouth first before assisting others

In these times. . I just want to scream
yet God is the only thing that has kept my sanity
In these times I just want to yell
Yo created the hell that has fell upon the people you swore to protect
You did it all for our best
. . yet didn't get away with it . .. .the greed has confessed
the witnesses . .your contingents
5 to 1 against the war. . . you're leading us where???
for the people by the people. . then how come you ignore what we ask
Are you too big for your britches Mr. Smarty pants
NOT IN OUR NAMES do you act
you act alone. . the followers to your thrown will go down like the Egyptians drowned in the sea. . .
God have mercy on your soul. . . may in death you be free from this greed.

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