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Grain Of Sand


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I'd be bricken if I was hoopen and tricken if I was usin'
See this whole thing about bein' a woman, is too flippen confusin

Follow my heart and get ridiculed, it's useless
To be or not to be doin the act of reproducin
Losin cause i'm puttin up walls to protect from the nonsense
Then gettin called a bitch when defending its usage

Screw it, I've been moving thru so much shit its like I'm swimmin in sewage
Got the student's askin
Who is this
Constantly brewin, very fluent lyricist
Flowin with the fluid of ecstasy's incitement
Enlightenment choice
Rockin the mic proven
Find them amusin, those assumin
They are my night in shinnin armor
Fighten with lighten then rustin after the first half an hour
but the power of my turntables have yet to rust
Bust more than double Ds. . .Stuck more than bumble bees
with the honey that troubles me
Sting em to their knees while these string or words take flight
Insight to ignite the bags of past wreckage
exact lessons
Yeah right kid
Answers to these questions are not in black and white
So then I write letting my pen decide that the tendencies will be my guide
And the cycles will be broke when i grow up
No matter how high I rise, it'll never be enough
Unconditional love for self first is what I search
SO when I flow rough, the strength is in the words
adverse from the hurt, i.n.tense is the curse
a work in progress come'n up on the world
Grain of sand that I am
Blossoms the true diamond in the rough
The pearl.

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