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Gentlemen: Excuse me, Miss Intense. Could you tell me what is an alcoholic??

I.N.Tense: An alcoholic?
Well, an alcoholic to me I guess would be . .. . .
Its ahh.. . Its getting too shit faced at a parade to know my name, or even recognize a
Friends face, from a foe.
Getting picked up by some old guy, unknown, and placed in his ride.
Driven somewhere, I don't really know,
Beaten, clothes torn so bad they barely covered my undercover tat.
Practically rapped. Could feel this mans nakedness on my legs.
Fought back and got beaten really, really bad after that.
Walked half thrashed fully trashed to a hotel next door,
And they wouldn't even open up the fucking door!
Crying on the curb, everything hurt.
Please sir, I just want you to call me a cab, I don't want to be here any more!
Two hours later, a cab comes, half numb fully dumb, the cab driver takes me home,
two hours away.
The driver knocked on the door and threw me on the step.
Obviously not subject to my behavior.
Grandma screaming murder, begging forgiveness from her savior.
Getting up the next day though, with a banging hang over, a true head knocker.
Then wash down the coffee, with a fifth of stohly vodka!
I guess that would be an alcoholic to me!!!

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