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A Red Nightmare

While Someone Has Drowsiness

A Red Nightmare

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Darkened the sun,
Fallen angels utter blasphemies.
Blond profane beauties of rigid faces
Present their bodies as offering
To men with ties, pulling off their teeth.
Blood rain washes the planet off the hypocrites!

The humiliated swallowing their rage,
Wander on the desert that once was a sea!
With nowhere to go, they just wait,
Hearing...the bombs exploding!

So they run towards mined fields.
Beheaded men filling the abyss!
To the sound of siren, children hide
Playing deaf, mute and blind.
Weeping silently, calling their dead parents.

Personal agenda with no mercy
Face to face with death!
And you don't even look on their eyes...

The cup of sin is already spilled,
There's no undoing this.
Moving ahead, fearing nothing

Religion against religion.
Nation against nation.
Everyone against everyone.
So all men fall in decay!

Prepare to suffer...
There's a great calamity invading Earth
This disgrace has a name...
It's called: Human race!

This disgrace has a name...
Human race!

Fight for your life...
Fight for things you took for granted.
Fight for the children
That supposed to be our future.

Apathy is a disease.
Apathy is perdition
Apathy lead us into demise.

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