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A Red Nightmare

Koloniale Raubwirstschaft

A Red Nightmare

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Once a man decided to the explore the sea
In the search of riches in other lands
He found a parasadic land of innocent
And decided to make money out of fit!
Slavery! Assassination!
Raping the culture of natives!
Destroy the forest while trying to fill their ships!
Oh! Devilish greed!
No respect for life!

White men brings the plague
Diseases and vices
Imposed religion
Run for your lives, hide deep the forest
Trying to escape this "just war"
Run! The old man set fire to the river
Killer our brothers and enslaved our wives

White man bring the plague
Diseases and vices
Imposed religion
Suffering! Destruction! Exploitation!
Tribes deprived of personality!

Green turns to red
Above the trees
Fire on the leaves
Black smoke rises to the skies!
Suffering! Destruction! Exploitation!
Take away our gold
Heritage destroyed
Our land, raped and left with nothing

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