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A Red Nightmare


A Red Nightmare

2 acessos

Shape reality in a wicked make believe
Elevate suffering into a piece of devotion
A servant to your weaker side
Neglect your will and life trough blind faith
Still unaware, its crooked path you follow

The pain must justify your silence, a new obssession
A downwards spiral, hands drip with your own blood
Behold you idol, your reason, your demigod
Sick communion
Covenant of filth

Rise up and hail, your own mortification
Present your flesh upon the altar, sadistic offering
For all to see this cursed bond now fulfilled
Within your temple a monolith of decadence
Synthetic messiah of feeble minds
Oracle of the absurd, harvester of misery

Embrace the illusion of power sinking in arrogance
Desperate cries for silent lies
Worship your idol blinded by your devotion
Corrupted soul, defiler of life
Defiler of life
Pray for silent lies
Cerimonial demise

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