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A Red Nightmare

A Red Nightmare Pt. I

A Red Nightmare

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In a self indulgent dream
Trapped inside a cyclic routine
Absolute lack of interest
Darkness consuming within
Shackled to emptiness
Pushing back the light of comprehension.
Face the abyss
As it stares back at you
Feeling so right to be
In the belly of the beast
No need to flee from this
False security
If you close your eyes
You may see what’s real
No effort to understand
The hidden forces driving you
Mute pain screaming inside
Growing roots in the back of your mind!
To a realm of emptiness
In a sea of pettiness
Head first in the filth
Soaked in corruption
See the pattern on the drips!
Own identity denied
Personality nullified
Homogenic state of mind!

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