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Kenny Lattimore

I Won't Let You Down

Kenny Lattimore

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I won't let you down
Don't worry 'bout me leavin'
I'll be around
So good, so right, everyday, every night

Hey, girl with the sad eyes
I want to kiss the pain away
Just wanna hold you long enough to know that
You don't have to feel that way
I know somebody hurt you
I will never make you cry
All I have is love inside
Give me your broken heart and I'll put all your fears aside


I know it ain't easy baby
Letting your guard down again
You don't have to tell me
I understand

You don't have to pay for
All the things he put you through
Now that you have me in your life
No more sad and lonely
Now that you're not the only one it's you
And I


You know that I won't go
I'll be around

Baby don't you know you don't have to worry
Cause you know I won't go
You don't have to worry


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