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Can we find forgiveness
In the throws of our misunderstanding
or do we fall apart
Can we find forgiveness
Or do we go on like this
Trying to cover up a broken heart

Mmh…I made a mistake and I wanna know
Can you ever forgive me or do we go
Down in the flames of a broken love
If I ever really meant much to you
Then it wouldn't make much sense for you to
Turn your back and walk away from us

(Hook 1)
What about me
What about you
What about love
What do we do
What of my heart What of my heart
I'm asking you now
Begging you, please tell me


(Verse 2)
I wonder has there ever been anyone
To go as for as we've come
And never mention of a hurting thing
This episode before us
Shouldn't overcome what we've got
So let's move on and get to better days

(Hook 2)
For all we know For all we know
We could be the best Oh, yeah…
We'll never know
Don't take the chance So from right new
So from today ooh.., yeah, yeah…
Let's make a vow
Whatever was wrong
It's over right now Will you forgive me


Can we find understanding
Can we find
Can we find…, or do we go…

Tell me now will we let this go
I need to know I need to know
Please tell me so Right now, baby
I've dedicated all my love to you
Don't let it end tonight…

(Chorus/Fade Out)

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