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Kenny Lattimore

Beautiful Girl

Kenny Lattimore

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Beautiful girl, beautiful girl
I think I've found myself an angel
A pretty girl who makes my life complete
Ever since the day I found her
Shes all that I dream
No other so lovely
I've never seen such a face
There are no words that can explain
The feeling she gives me
And every time that she smiles
And I look in her eyes

I fell in love with a beautiful girl
There's no one that compares to her
Never thought Id be so lucky
Beautiful girl, beautiful
I wanna make her mine forever

I've been far from perfect
Shes had plenty reason to leave, ooh
But somehow she forgives me >
From the life I used to lead
I never imagined I could be the one to perceive
Someone as beautiful as she
And every moment that I live and I breathe
She makes my life so sweet


I will always love her for the woman she is inside
Her loves as pure as water that flows when my well is dry
Oh I'm in love


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