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Every Light In The House

Larry Schuba

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I told you I'd leave a light on
In case you ever wanted to come back home
You smiled and said you appreciate the gesture
I took you every word to heart
'Cause I can't stand us being apart
So just to show how much I really miss you

Every light in the house is on
The backyard's bright as the crack of dawn
The front walk looks like a runway light
It's kids of like noon in the dead of night
Every light in the house is on
Just in case you ever do get tired of being gone
Every light in the house is on

If I should ever start forgetting
And turn the lights off one by one
You can see that I agree it's over
But until then I want you to know
If you look south you'll see a glow
That's me waiting at home each night to hold you

(Repeat chorus twice)

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