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Bye Bye Blues

Larry Schuba

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Bye Bye Blues Bert Lown We're say-in' Bye Bye Blues, Bye Bye Blues Bells ring, birds sing, Sun is shin-in', no more pin-in'. Just we two, Smil-in' through Don't sigh, don't cry Bye Bye Blues (counterpoint): Bye Bye to all your Blues and sorrow, (lead): Bye Bye Blues (counterpoint): Bye Bye 'cause they'll be gone to-mor-row. (lead): Bye Bye Blues (counterpoint): Bells will ring and birds all sing (lead): Bells ring, birds sing (Both:) Stop your mop-in', Keep on hop-in' The two of us together, just me and you will keep smil-in' smil-in' through So don't you sigh, and don't you cry Bye Bye Blues From: Blair Reynolds
Can This Be Love? Arden-Ohman Orchestra K. Swift I'm all at sea, Can this be love? This mystery, Can this be love? I'm in a blue haze where nothing seems quite real I wander through days with this crazy feeling What can it be, Can this be love? This thing that I keep dreaming of... All through the night till I wake at early dawn, Tell me, can this be love? From: [email protected]
Cheerful Little Earful Tom Gerun Words by Ira Gershwin and Billy Rose; music by Harry Warren. Introduced by Hannah Williams and Jerry Norris in the musical "Sweet and Low." (Verse) I'm growing tired of lovey dove theme songs, That fifty million pianos pound. And in an age where radios scream songs, I only want one phrase around me. (Chorus) There's a cheerful little earful, Gosh I miss it something fearful, And this cheerful little earful, Is the well known "I love you." Stocks can go down Bus'ness slow down, But the milk and honey flow down With a cheerful little earful Of the well known "I love you." In ev'ry play it's a set phrase. What the public get phrase, But as a pet phrase, It'll do do do. Poopa rooit soft and cuit, Make me happy you can do it. With a cheerful little earful Of the well known "

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