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[Hook] (a sample)
He'll lead you on, with his words
He'll rob you of your world
and he'll sweep you off your feet
He'll give you character like an actor in a play
And you'll never see him, huh
when he makes his getaway so beware

[Verse 1]
Take precaution for protection
when steppin' through the night
your midsection'll get stiff like erections
and in peace you'll be restin'
Don't waste my time on no foes
Sportin' fat clothes is the code
Waitin' on this new low the scheme unfolds
Cream, breakin' open the seams of my Jabot jeans
Dreams of my team, blowin' up the uptown scene
My dome piece is intact got my mind on one issue
To make dough and foes gettin' wet up like a tissue
Is y'all wid us?, then let us, sit back and meditate
and think of new plans to stand and watch our dough elevate
We tote heat like guerillas for fellas that's jealous
No need to worry for the stash pot it's in the cellar
Wid the right production brain start to function I feel percussion
Memory banks overload which leads to combustion
My cavalry watches me constantly
Therefore I have to spit shit that's more catchin' than an allergy
Follow me, I bleed to get my point across
I need Gs to succeed sellin' weed
and bring forth a little seed envy me
Ain't no need but if you have to
I'll put a slug in that ass and leave ya stiff like a statue
S-A, N-T-O, D-O-M-I, N-G-O and puerto blacka on the red eye


[Verse 2]
I'm sick and tired of not being that number one nigga in this
Fightin' full scale wars to the finish
But I believe in God backwards, to the dog catchers
I roll playin' leap frogs and snacth ya
There ain't no place for me

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