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A Night At Hunts Point


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Yeh, you wild man, you wild
That's no place to meet a nice girl
You wanna meet a nice girl you gotta go to nice places
Like church, the library, or shit
Go where I'm goin' tonight
Go to Hunt's Point boy, Hunt's Point
That's where they at, that's where they at

[Verse 1]
Started off the night right, it was me and three of my boys
down at some bar sip lil rum, feelin' kinda lonesome
Mad open off the port hole that made me wanna explode one
Figure we'll go find something to do once this nigga Dalow come
I chilled continued takin' sips, I knew I was buggin'
Cause I see this chick pass by and had thoughts ah rapin' that
nah my mind was buggin', eased up to the rump
I wanted to exchange some words with this chick
and not come off as being dumb, so I
Settle for the car a little tipsy so I stumbled
Got distracted by a horn goin' off feelin' the conscience rumble
I turned around and see my man Dalow
I peeped him call my man Isley to the car
and ask him where he wanted to go
We all hopped in, inserted some hip hop in his radio's cassette deck
Conversatin' who can have sex best
Gettin' bored circlin' the block
Talkin' about how lovely it would be right about now
to have a chick, workin' the cock
My man Eric said let's go to H-P, no doubt
We haven't even been there lately, yeh we out
I said, I'm gonna have a bitch drinkin' my babies
My man June said you crazy
Nowadays these condoms'll dead the AIDS B
So we hopped on a major D (detour) and
Tip of my joint buck wid pre-semen
Ready and willin' and heavily breathin'
Anticipatin' the moment as we hopped on across Bronx
My man June was singin' along til

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