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Rockin It


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Yeh, I had a conversation wid hop
I was talkin' to him
I had a conversation wid hop
Hip hop that is

[Verse 1]
I had a conversation wid hop
and he told me it wasn't hip what's happenin' to rap nowadays
We're believin' that our culturalized music
Is that falsely narrow rated crap I would say
It's funny now, ninety per cent of these rappers skills
Is dull like pencils that get worshipped
But it's even funnier when ya skills are sharper than kitchen
utensils and you still get chopped down now that's nervous
Ain't no such thing as being, true to the game
When open mic battles, these days are useless to gain
Being ruthless is the aim
You got the nerve callin' y'all selves emcees
Visual hollow heads is more like emp-ties
Extra terrestrials sent me to this earth
to turn ya into vegetables gent-ly, ascend-ing
From a place not really known to the average man
Where emcees get thrown out like extra baggage on planes

Fudge be rockin' it, yes he be rockin
To the beat he be rockin' it
He don't stop rockin' it
Rockin' it rockin' it
He don't stop rockin' it
Rockin' it, L-Fudge rockin' it

[Verse 2]
In my life I heard a hundred renditions of realism
And I still don't get it yet
I'm tryna make my music's attraction to get it
Far more addictive than a cigarette
Instead of bein' caught in the spotlight and glamor
I stay true to the game, by flippin' english grammar
A distinguished anthem that's comin' to realisation by
Keepin' the stakes higher than that of today's inflation
My infatuation, to hip hop's got me stuck to the mic
Like junkies free basin' in subway

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