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The Foucault's Pendulum


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When ancient secrets be revealed
And tornado of fear suddenly arises
Fate of mankind will be sealed
The curse of this planet shall be signed

Seventh lunar cycle
Hold tight trithemius pentacle
Seven offerings to baphomet
Listen to the mute prophet

Winters solstice comes near
Useless tetragrammaton
Your soul will be eclipsed
Your body will be anointed

Templarium rise, prepare thyself
Rosicrucian mysteries began

Be driven
By foucaults pendulum

Now youre hanged
Oscillating in the pendulum
The sephiroth are gazing
Abraxas is laughing

Celtic jesus
Covered in blood
Descending from gray sky
Come and banish us

Kabbalah denudata
Umbillicum mundi
Agartha apocrypha

Banish us

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