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Pure Silence Perfect Darkness


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Through the lethal fog
Throughout the fetid asphalt
Sunshine reveals misery
Things starting to change in me
I feel my chest burning
Frustration hell rises inside me

Praying for the night to come faster
In daylight we are cattle
Decomposing in concrete hell
We need no masks in the shadows
Because well die and we shall kill
For a thousand times tonight

In my tireless quest
For pure silence
In my tireless quest
For perfect darkness

The cities lie in chaos
There is no escape from this addiction
Dust mixed to blood
Disease, hatred, oppression

Follow on the cursed pathway
Earth shall sleep in endless winter
Its time to burn the innocence down
Time for fear, regret and lies

When night wind blows strong and cold
Spreading darkness all around
I can feel, storms are coming
The sun wont rise tomorrow

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