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Black Chariot


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Time to go
Leave all the pain behind
Leave the rust of life
Time has come tonight

Go through the living mist
Dont need any source of light
So burn out your candles
The moon will guide you inside

Your shroud must be prepared
No-one prays for the dead

Come to the cemetery
Lay down in your grave
Come to the cemetery
Do not forget the way

No time to writings in the gravestone
Because the Chariot has arrived
Its The Black Chariot of Death
Now in a marble bed you will rest

Come inside, receive the embrace
Close your eyes, dont look straight
Inhale the gloominess and feel the throe
See how beautiful is the flight of the crow

Funeral witnessed by no one
Except by angels made of stone

The Earth will devour all of us
In contemplation of the End
Corruption - sad and vain mission

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