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John Lawry

Something Wonderful

John Lawry

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I still remember feeling alone
Life at a mission
With dreams of a home
The emptiness around me
Made me run and hide
A lonely frightened child
In a lonely frightened time
I still remember the joy in the air
When somebody told me somebody cared
This child of rejection
Was finally going home
Home to a family
Who would call me their own
Somebody took me by the hand

Something wonderful, it's incredible
That someone wants me
Someone cares enough to take me home
Something wonderful, it's incredible
When someone wants you
I've waited so long
I'm finally going home

Two children of Jesus
Took a child no one would claim
Well they gave me a family, gave me a name
The pain that lived inside me
Was hard and slow to heal
But love outweighed the hate
That had taught me not to feel
The love of Jesus captured me
Somebody said they wanted me

There is an orphan in everyone's heart
Our father reaches with open arms
Reaching, reaching
Reaching to us all

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