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John Lawry

Time Will Tell

John Lawry

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Storing information
A need for our survival
Every generation has to pass it on
And a memory erasure
Is an ever-present danger
In a careless moment so much could be gone

Time will tell
If we learned our lesson well
Will the truth survive unharmed
Time will tell
If the bridge stood firm or fell
Connecting wisdom heart to heart
At the changing of the guards

Sending unmixed signals
To the guardians of the future
A priority we've often overlooked
In an age when thoughts are scrambled
In transmissions jammed and tangled
What we tell them must be clear and understood

Like soldiers that stand at the palace gates
Soon our time is up, another takes our place
What we leave to them is more than gold
The treasure of our souls
Words of the wise, words of God himself
Stored in holy books, filling walls and shelves
Not to be admired or merely read
But to give life to the dead

Guarding sacred treasure
For the ones who will follow after
In a world where nothing's sacred anymore
Can we touch the mind and spirit
Of a terminal generation
Will they understand the worth of what we've stored

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