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John Lawry

Can't Break A Broken Heart

John Lawry

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Hard times make a hardened man
When you try too much
For the upper hand
There's no staying in control
Sooner or later you'll
Learn to let it go
Sure it's gonna kill your pride
That's the way it goes
Sure you'll want to run and hide
When it hurts to grow

Humble yourself under the father's hand
Hearts that are broken come to understand
They're the strong ones
In the long run
You can't break a broken heart

Hard times make a broken man
And you learn to cry
Then you learn to stand
Strength comes under God's control
And the tides of chance
Will not shake your soul

Praise the lord, praise him, praise him
In everything, praise him, praise him

Set your eyes on his light
When your path is dim
Everything that comes to you
Comes to you through him

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