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Fail Emotions

Speed Of Light

Fail Emotions

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How you are one of this bright lines
You cross the sky
Now we know what to do
With all this symbols and words
Now we're know how to resist
To all this fakers and freaks

Raise your face
We need nothing to say
Know your place
It's open for our fate
We must rise
Let try to open up today blinded eyes
Now you know
When you feel they lie, we brake the wall
You are one of this bright lines for all mankind
When you thought that it was over
Don't you let it drag you down
At last we know
We fucking know

You feel this right
It's slept inside
It can't be wrong for all mankind
With speed of light
From deep inside
Connecting worlds for all mankind

Words go flying at the speed of light
To show how it all began
You could take a picture of something you see
In the future where will I be?

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